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Cat Dad Howard Stern and Wife Open Feline Adoption Center

Famed radio personality Howard Stern has developed a reputation as a shock-jock, a sometimes polarizing cultural commentator, and…cat lover? That’s right. Stern and his wife Beth made quite the show of support for cats recently when they played a big role in getting a special feline facility open at an animal shelter in New York. […]

Kitten Found Outside Alone, Cuddles Family’s Dogs and Won’t Let Go

A days-old kitten was found abandoned outside. A family’s dogs took him in as their own. Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants Two months ago, a family from Florida came across an online plea about a newborn kitten that needed help. He was found all alone without a mother and siblings. Beth Walden and her daughter immediately reached […]

Meow! Blog | Cats Protection: A day in the life of hand-rearing orphaned kittens

At Cats Protection we care for cats of all ages and from all backgrounds, with some needing a bit more care than others. Sometimes we have kittens in our care who, for whatever reason, do not have a mum to look after them. These litters need to be hand-reared by our dedicated volunteers and staff […]