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Ed Sheeran Posts an Short, Sweet Farewell to His Recently Deceased Kitty

On August 2nd, 2019, Ed Sheeran was faced with a horrible tragedy. Less than a week after Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s dog was hit by a car, Ed Sheeran lost his first cat, Graham, in the same horrible way. Sheeran had only known his beloved cat since 2014, so the death of Graham was […]

Stray Cat Comes Back to Woman Who Helped Her, and Takes Her to See Her Kittens

A neighborhood cat showed up in a backyard for food. The homeowner knew she had to help. Vanessa @the_boys_n_girls_of_the_bay Vanessa, an animal rescuer based in New York, has been helping community cats in her area. After placing a rescued cat into a forever home, another one came along. “I always joke that there’s a kitty […]

“Ugly” Special Needs Stray Has a Family Who Thinks She Is Beautiful

Lori Farris is a 50-year-old special needs teacher. One day, when she was leaving work, she came across a kitten that did not appear to be in good shape. The poor kitten was dirty, covered in fleas, and had a bloody nose. When this kitten followed Farris to her car, she knew that she had […]