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Stray Cat So Happy to Find Help for Her Only Kitten After Her Rough Beginning

A rescued cat mom and her only kitten came to their foster home for a chance at a better life. Susie H @dcfostermomsusie A tabby cat was brought to Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington D.C. when she was found as a pregnant stray. She was just eight months old. There were complications during labor due […]

Deaf Kitten Adopted by 2 Deaf Cats – His Life is Forever Changed

A deaf kitten found a home with two cats who are also deaf. They share an incredible bond. Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens King the kitten was born outside and the only survivor in his feline family. Sparkle Cat Rescue, an all-volunteer rescue in North Carolina, saved him from a very rough beginning. The kitten was in […]

Smuggled kitten found in passenger’s hand luggage : Meow! Blog

A female kitten called Zara was discovered at Heathrow airport in the hand luggage of a passenger who had flown in from Tel Aviv, Israel. Zara is being held in quarantine until she is given a clean bill of health The passenger was in transit on the way to the United States and didn’t want […]