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Newlyweds Skip Traditional Wedding Gifts & Ask For Shelter Donations Instead

Two animal loving newlyweds recently tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in Ohio. While most couples opt for traditional wedding gifts, these two had a very different idea up their sleeve. Jonathan and Jeananne Wickham are heavily involved in animal welfare, and have adopted each of their cats from local shelters. Over the years […]

Kitten Who is Unusually Small, Finds Someone to Help Her Grow

At six days old, this kitten was just half the size of a newborn. Despite being so tiny, she had the spirit of a warrior. Ellen Carozza @thecatlvt A little palm-sized kitten was transferred to Nova Cat Clinic in Arlington, Virginia when staff at Arlington Welfare League noticed she needed specialized care. The micro kitten […]

Meow! Blog | Cats Protection: More Than Just a Cat: Hero cat Walter warns Hazel of diabetic attacks

For Hazel Parkyn, from Swadlincote in Derbyshire, her cat Walter is a lifeline, warning her when she’s about to suffer a diabetic attack. Hazel was left with PTSD, head injury seizures and auto immune conditions, including type 1 diabetes, after she was attacked by a patient while working as a psychiatric nurse ten years ago. […]