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Stray Kitten Befriends Engineer at Construction Site, Cuddles Him and Won’t Let Go

A stray kitten wandered up to a construction site and befriended an engineer there. M. Haydar Mohamed Haydar, an engineer based in Lebanon, was working on site when a little stray kitten showed up and decided to stick around. “He followed me around the construction site while I was out measuring quantities of work done. […]

Kittens Found Wandering the Streets Together, Never Leave Each Other After They Were Rescued

Two kittens were spotted wandering the streets together. They stayed by each other’s side the whole time until rescue arrived. Chatons Orphelins Montréal A family from Montreal, Canada found the kittens outside without a cat mother. They were just a few weeks old, scrounging around for food and looking out for each other. They needed […]

How many cats are there in the UK? : Meow! Blog

It will come as no surprise to moggy-lovers that cats are the most popular pets in the UK, just overtaking dogs to the top spot. In fact, there are believed to be an incredible 11.1 million pet cats in the country, compared to 8.9 million pet dogs, with 25% of the adult population owning at […]