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Horse’s Blood Saves Kitten’s Vision

14-week-old Bravo meets 1,200 pound Logan, the horse that donated blood for the kitten’s eye-saving surgery. (Photo: CBS 13 Sacramento) When 14-week-old kitten, Bravo, needed help to save his eye, a horse named Logan stepped up. Bravo in danger of losing his eye Dr. Heather Kennedy, a veterinarian at the Fieldhaven Feline Center, told CBS13, “[Bravo} developed […]

Another Cat Has Been Diagnosed With The Plague–The Third In 6 Months

A house cat in Wyoming has been diagnosed with bubonic plague – and it’s not the first one. This is the third cat to have been infected with the disease within the past six months. Don’t let the words “bubonic plague” cause you to panic. When most of us hear the words we think of […]

Kitten Rescued from Streets, Meows for Cuddles When Someone Comes to Help Her

A TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer found a tiny kitten wandering around in a cat colony in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas took in the 3-week-old tortoiseshell after she was rescued through a TNR project. The outdoors is no place to live for such a tiny kitten. Upon arrival, the sweet […]