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2 Kittens Found Wandering into Workplace Together, Won’t Leave Each Other’s Side

Earlier this month, two little stray kittens wandered into an industrial area, where many stray animals frequent. Chatons Orphelins Montréal A few employees were having an office party when they spotted the two ginger kittens outside, looking for food. They tried to approach them, but the kitties quickly retreated back into the shrubs. They gave […]

Kiss a Ginger Day: Gorgeous ginger cats looking for a home : Meow! Blog

Today is National Kiss a Ginger Day (12 January) but instead of kissing your favourite human redhead, why not show a gorgeous ginger moggy some love instead? Here are some of the lovely ginger cats we currently have waiting for their forever homes… Arnie  Five-year-old Arnie has lived most of his life on the streets, […]

Kitten Rescue: Head Stuck in Birdhouse

For anyone who has ever had a kitten, it is a known fact they can find trouble just about anywhere.  In the case of one feline, that meant checking out the family birdhouse.  To the kitten’s way of thinking, it was a good idea. Until it wasn’t. Help from Fire & Rescue Hard as she […]