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Stray Cat Comes Back to Find Her Kittens Who Were Brought to the Shelter

Four little kittens were brought to a shelter without a mom. But the momma cat came back to look for them. A few days ago, Alissa Smith, co-founder of Wrenn Rescues, was contacted about four 10-day-old kittens needing rescue. Staff from a shelter in Downey, California were desperately trying to find them help. “There were […]

Stray Kitten So Happy When She is Finally off the Streets and Has Her Life Turned Around

A tiny stray kitten never stopped purring from the moment she found her second chance at life. Shauna @ixluvxcats A resident from Philadelphia spotted a tabby kitten wandering the streets by herself. She was just skin and bones and in poor shape. When she stopped eating on her own, the person who found her, rushed […]

Can cats see in the dark? And other cat eyesight facts : Meow! Blog

Cats are known for their super senses, able to sniff out their favourite catnip toy from 20 paces and hear the cat food cupboard opening from streets away. But when it comes to eyesight, who comes out on top – humans or cats? Here are some fascinating facts about cats’ eyes… 1. Cats have good […]